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About Us

The Virtual CIO Advisory Services, was established in 2011. Our principal and owner is David Kennedy. David has had a successful career in Information Technology and Business, spanning various cross functional, cross industry leadership roles, both in the corporate and public sectors.

David explains the rationale for the Virtual CIO Advisory.
I didn't want to reflect on what I'd accomplished in a few years and be just another 50 something CIO. I want to be able to look back and know that I've helped make a difference by sharing my learnings, knowledge and experience. The Virtual CIO Advisory provides me that opportunity to make a difference.

Variously described by his peers as a visionary, innovative leader, who is a creative problem solver and critical thinker possessing the business acumen to identify business needs and opportunities, and the problem-solving skills to help achieve them through business and technology innovation.

As a non-executive director, board or committee member, I foster relationships by working closely with management and other members, providing leadership and vision, while being a contributing, inspiring team member, focused on achieving business outcomes.

As required the Virtual CIO Advisory partners with other likeminded professionals as a collective to ensure optimum client outcomes.

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Interim Executive

CIO / CTO /Technology Leadership

Technology & Strategic Advisory

Technology & Digital Strategy and Roadmap Development

Cloud and SaaS Transformation and Roadmap Development

Digital and Business Transformation

Change and Project Delivery

People Leadership and Development

Governance & Risk

What others are saying about us

“I've heard that people will sign up to follow a vision; but if you find yourself with a leader who is easily able to communicate the vision and inspire others to not only follow, but embrace, champion and own that vision, you're on to a winning formula. David is this in spades - able to push through barriers and not only drive cultural change, but also empower others to do the same. What David has achieved in his time at council is inspirational, blending two disparate IT organisations and building a culture that is both customer centric and one that aspires to be a high performing unit. Furthermore, his influence has defined the leader I aspire to be.” Manager Project Services Central Coast Council

“David is one of those leaders that lead from the front and not afraid of going ways where only a few have gone before him. He will challenge you and inspire you to do your very best and at the same time he allows you to challenge him back. David is always ahead of the game when talking technology and knows what's going on in the market. He not only has the vision but also the ability to implement his ideas with a great outcome. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with David and I hope I get the chance again in the future. “ Principal Senior Project Manager at Oracle

“A transformational thinker that not only has the vision to excite others about a change but is happy to roll up his sleeves and help lead the change. David is not afraid to think outside of the box. David brings great energy to all he does and this is reflected in the strong teams he builds. It is great to work with outstanding leaders like David who contemplate the risks and detail but are driven by the rewards of a better citizen outcome”. Regional VP - SAP

“Much has been written about David as a visionary business leader and CIO - all of which is true. What impresses me most about David, however, is his ability to spot an opportunity for business improvement, his passion to use technology to bring the opportunity to life and - critically - improve the lives of the organisation's employees in the process. The way in which he has pushed the boundaries of cloud adoption in the public sector is testament to this.” Head of Digital Business, Google for Work, NACE

“David is one of those rare CIOs that has both a broad technology vision and attention to detail. His efforts to examine the practicality of moving commodity IT solutions to cloud-based services are well known in the industry and have prompted more than a few lively debates. However, it is the fact that he has been able to drill down from the broad rhetoric of cloud computing to specific functional, financial and management details that make the difference.” Advisory IBRS

“…aims 'to make a difference', by making IT a major part of helping the organisation deliver on its business plans and goals. This is a very refreshing perspective, where David strives to find better ways of providing services for both the front-line and back-office staff. David asks risk-weighted decisions in light of the plethora of new and improved technologies that appear every year, and provides relevant options and improvements to the organisation for IT expenditure, compared to simply 'keeping the lights on'.” Management Consultant Third Horizon.

“…..To sum up David I'll quote a fellow Irishman, George Bernard Shaw; ‘The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man’." Fronde Australia

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